Monday, April 9, 2012

Poor Maddison

So on Friday April 6th we had our first trauma with the kids. Maddison was playing on the monkey bars and fell and broke her arm! I saw the whole thing and the minute she fell I knew it was broken. You could see it. :( Side note : I am HORRIBLE and things like this!  Luckily my friend Rhonda who is a nurse was there. I grabbed my keys and she carefully grabbed Maddison and took her to the car and strapped her in.  On the way I kept saying "I am so sorry bug!" and guess who started comforting me...Maddison. She stopped crying and kept saying "It will be ok mom but it really hurts."  So we got to the hospital and I had called Ryan (fortunately he was working from home) he was waiting at the entrance. 
As soon as I saw him I lost it. He picked her up and we went to sign her in.  That was a horrible experience because the lady was soooo slow and I blacked out a few times as I was filling out paper work.  I asked if they could just take her back and that here was no question it was broken and she told me she was in the system and they would come get her.  About 10 min later they came out took her to the pre exam sent her back out in a wheelchair with ice on it and we waited about 20 min.  Then they took her to xray and we waited again and then they finally admitted her and gave her the morphine she so desperately needed.  The whole time I couldn't even be in the room without fainting and had to wait outside and literally was shaking head to toe.  Once the morphine kicked in I went in to talk to the doc and as he was explaining I blacked out again....did I say I am bad at this??  Anyway, the break was a class 3 which is the worst kind so they had to transport her to Childrens in Dallas for surgery.  She got to ride in an ambulance and by then the meds were really working and she just remembers being able to watch Fox and the Hound :) 
We got to the hospital and around 4 she had surgery. The doctor said it was worse then they thought so they had to put an extra pin in it. I spent the night in the hospital with her because I refused to leave. I felt so bad that I couldn't be with her during so much of it without fainting. During the night she would sleep talk and say things like "I want to go home" " Will you sign my cast mom?" and "Can I do gymnastics still?" She came home on Sat and while the recovery is slow she is doing better. She is still in a lot of pain but is loving the attention. Her teacher stopped by and brought cards from her class. She said, "It really makes me feel loved and cared for. Now when I have a bad day or it hurts I can look at the cards and know they love me." She has been a trooper and no matter how much pain she is in. when you ask how she is she says "fine." I am very grateful for all those who helped and sent prayers our way.

 In ER waiting to be transferred.

Daddy giving "Silly Juice" before surgery.

 After "Silly Juice" kicks in.

 In recovery.

 Hospital room. We got all the popscicles and juice we wanted.

 Car ride home was NOT fun.

After her teacher dropped off her cards. Monday afternoon.


KimDoll said...

I was so sorry to hear this! I am crying just thinking about what you must have been going through as her mommy. Poor little Maddison! Glad she's home now and things seem to be looking up. said...

poor kiddo! glad you both survived the whole thing and glad she can looks at those cards to feel loved (what a CUTE thing!). Hope she recovers quickly!!!

Crystal said...

Poor thing!!! I'm not looking forward to experiences like that.

Jaclyn said...

I am glad surgery went okay and hope she continues to heal quickly. :( I'm also glad Ryan was there for you so you could step out when you needed to. It's a rough thing.

Alldredge Memories said...

We love Maddison! Hope she feels better soon! XOXO