Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mrs. Claus cookies

On Sat we went to the Village Green behind Market Street and they had a program called "Make cookies with Mrs. Claus. It was such a great program! She was a ventriloquist and had puppets, they sang songs and the kids got to participate in a bell choir. Then they decorated cookies. It was a huge hit!
James enjoyed the icing the most.
Finished products

Bell choir

Front row seats!

New addition

No we are not having a baby but we do have a new addition to our family. After Thanksgiving, Sheri had brought her cat and Ryan saw how much the kids and I enjoyed playing with it. I have always been a cat person but we were going to wait. Well Ryan surprised us by getting a cat for me for Christmas. Although I think it is mostly the kids kitten right now. We names him Boston in honor of the Red Sox. He is a great cat and provides hours of entertainment for the kids.