Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cont' 2

For eight days straight we had rain here in TX. Very unusual for this time of year. The kids are used to getting outside at least once a day so I finally just let them go at it. They had a blast!

James was freezing by the end.

They like to throw leaves and sticks in the "river" and watch them float away. If there is just a tiny bit of water on the street James still tries to do this.

We went to the Plano Balloon Festival and that was really fun. They had lots of crafts for the kids and James loved watching the balloons light up. Maddison's favorite part was of coarse getting her face painted.
Finally and most recently James got a new bed. We found a great deal on a toddler bed at a garage sale and he couldn't wait to test it. He does pretty well but we often find an entire bookshelf in his bed by the morning.
Maddison with her princess makeup :)


We played a ton in the water this summer. Almost every day we went to the pool, Celebration, or played in the sprinklers at home. James at first hated the spray water but soon found it was so much fun. Both kids became fish this summer. James has no fear and just jumps in whether you are ready or not. Maddison is still more timid but as long as she has her arm floaties on she was unstoppable. She got really use to putting her face in the water and even practiced a few times without the floaties. Hopefully next year she won't need them.

Grandma took us on a mystery trip to the Dallas Aquarium. We all got to ride the Dart train there (which James LOVED). They had a great time with all the animals. Maddison got lost once but was faithfully by our side the rest of the time.

So four months later....

So I know it is four months later but life happens. This summer flew by and we really enjoyed it. Maddison has started back at preschool and James is in joy school now with a couple of our friends and really seems to enjoy it as well. Ryan is in school and I am still crazy busy with the various jobs I have. Here are some pictures of the past four months of adventures:)

We went on our first camping trip with the kids. They loved it! James was obsessed with the fire. Every time Ryan would put lighter fluid on it, James would yell "Again! more!" Maddison loved chasing butterflies in the field across from us. We stayed one night and made wonderful memories. Kids can't wait to go again!

My kids LOVE to do crafts. They ask to do them all the time. So here are some fun pictures of when James decided to "craft" himself and Maddison doing playdoh. She likes to get on line and follow the instructions to do the different playdoh things.