Thursday, December 13, 2007

Funny Stories

Ok, so here are a few cute things that Maddison has done recently. We took her to go see the Christmas Nativities at the church and explained that all the nativities had stars because that is what the shepherds followed to get to the baby Jesus. Well when we got home she was playing with the kids nativity and had it all set up and asked me "Mom will you be the shepherd and I will be the star?" She then stood there with her hands together and a big smile on her face.

Another cute thing she did was in church they did a test run as Sunbeams. They asked the kids what they knew about Christmas. She raised her hand and said that Santa comes down the chimney. That was funny but the real humor lies in the fact that on our way to church we were listening to Christmas music and the song "Santa Baby" came on. She asked me "Mom, is Santa going to hurry down our chimney tonight?" So I had to explain how Santa comes down the chimney to visit all the boys and girls. I left out the part about the true meaning of that song.

She is always saying the cutest things and I am ging `to try to be better and recording them.

Family Photo

Here are some of the family pictures that my friend Ku'ulei took. Ryan was such a goofball the entire time but it was a good day and we had fun.