Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catch up. Silver belles.

Maddison is involved in a little girl showchoir called Silver Belles. They are absolutely adorable. She sings a solo in "Wouldn't it be Loverly". This is the first time they have performed. They have gotten even better. There final performance is Tues June 1st at 7:00 at Hart Elementary. Come for a special singing treat :)

catch up. Butterfly

Every year at Collin Creek Mall they do this butterfly tent. We went last year and the kids loved it. I took two trips. One with James and one with Maddison and her friend Sam. Again a huge hit.
Maddison and Sam are inseperable and so cute!
She wanted a picture with a butterfly on her nose like her mom had. I think it is funny.

James thought it was fun to go with just mom.
Secret for those who go next year. Spray gatorade on you. That is what we did and the butterflys wouldn't stay off us.

Catch up. Fun with the Family

Random fun with the family.
Went to the Arboreteum with Sheri and Matt and Mom and us. Beautiful day!

Such his dad's pose.

Awe they like eachother :)

Family photo.

Maddison decided she wanted to get her haircut. I took her to the place and she told her how short she wanted it. Afterward she said she had a haircut like Aunt Sheri! They cut about 8 inches off.

Day at the zoo with Grandma! We ate lunch here and we could have called it good. The kids loved it.

Catch up. James Birthday

We had a Thomas Birthday party for James. We did it a month early because that is when Thomas was in town. For Ryan and mine's present we took him to "A Day Out with Thomas" He was so excited. We got to ride on Thomas, see a model train exhibit (which James was ecstatic about) and got to play with a bunch of train toys. He had a great day and a great birthday. James cake that he was super proud of but I must say I was a little proud too:)

Catch up. Snow storm.

So I am just going to post a lot and play catch up. I am on Ryan's laptop and can actually do this in a timely manner. These are a few pictures from the incredible snow storm we had in Texas in February. We got 12 inches of snow! Kids loved it and I loved it too :)