Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We drove 20 hours up to Utah this Thanksgiving. We left at 4:00pm and got there at 2:30
pm the next day. Such a long drive! When we got there everyone was still in church so we waited in the house until church was over. When it was time we went outside and the kids were just ecstatic to see G-ma and G-pa and Maddison could not wait to see Aliya her cousin. As they were all walking home Maddison and Aliya caught sight of eachother and ran head on as fast as they could and collapsed in a huge hug when they saw eachother. It was so cute.Not much was happening the first couple of days. We went up on Tues to visit Sheri and Matt and their new baby Dexter. Who come to find out has had several medical problems including, jaundice, UTI and bacterial menigitis. Wed Dustin and Amy came down and I guess that is when all the excitement happened. DeniAnn dressed up as a princess and the little girls got to play princess with her. James wanted so badly to play too but he didn't get a costume. He did, however, get to have a princess luncheon with them and dance with them. We had a lovely Thanksgiving day and then on Friday my brother Ryan came down to visit. He moved to Montana and so this was a nice central meeting place for us. We didn't get to visit long because everyone decided to go Christmas Tree hunting but it was nice he could see us for a short time. Christmas tree hunting was fun. The kids and Ryan absolutely loved it. Tyler I think one the prize for the biggest tree and Ryan even cut us a small one too. :) The rest of the time was just spent with eachother which was nice. We had a great trip! Here are some memories of our time.

DeniAnn as Belle. Maddison as Cinderella.

Should I be worried about this pose?

This is more like it. She and Aliya danced the day away.

Princesses and Prince lucheon.

These girls were inseperable.

Here is our little Christmas tree.

James trying to get in on the snowball fight.

They were having a giant snowball fight and Maddison would throw half and eat the other half of the snowball. James and her just rolled around in the snow as much as they could.

We had a movie night and all the cousins got special pjs from Aunt Amy and then all snuggled down on blankets to watch "Up." This is the pillow fight preceding the movie.

DeniAnn is seriously the best at making the little girls feel special. All week she did nails and hair.

James wanted so badly to be included in the princess stuff. Aliya made him feel welcome.