Thursday, February 12, 2009

Catch up!

Ok so as always I am playing catch up. I just don't know how you guys keep up to date. Anyway here are some pictures of what has happened lately...

Maddison had her birthday and is sooo excited she is four years old. She had a Tinkerbell birthday party. (I am sure there are several people she invited or wanted to invite but please don't be offended if you weren't. Maddison mentioned SEVERAL people later on but as a "last minute mom" I didn't get all the invitations out on time. We love you all though!) We played freeze tag, ate cake, opened presents, played musical chairs, and several other games. She had a blast and loved it all.

Grandpa and James enjoying the cake.

The "Party People"

Another HUGE event was my sister getting married here are a couple of pictures from it. She is now Mrs. Christine Sorenson. She got married Dec 13, 2008 to Jonathan Sorenson. They are such a great couple and we are so happy for her.
ONE of the favorite aunts.
James loves her sooo much it is so sweet. He has started to just randomly go up and give her hugs.